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A.C.T stands for
A Conscious Thought.
COMMUNICATION is 90 % of what we all do EVERYDAY
Every HUMAN INTERACTION is ultimately an ...


A.C.T “A Conscious Thought” Method by Kathy Uyen, is an approach to help not only professional actors, and performers but also every day people to manage their emotions, actions, voice, movement, and speech by using the POWER of A CONSCIOUS THOUGHT.

A.C.T is a step by step breakdown of the human communications and behavior process tracing emotions, actions, voice, movement and speech back to A Conscious Thought. By accepting that our thoughts trigger emotions, behavior, voice and movement, we can consciously focus on a series of new thoughts to change our desired emotion, reactions and behaviors.


To educate and cultivate a respect for the Art of Acting, a study of human emotional communications and behaviors designed for Actors, Performers and Everyday people

To empower actors, performers and everyday people to be the best character we can become in the many roles we play.

To connect a community of actors, performers and industry by a common acting language to encourage practice and development.

To elevate the standards of acting performance in the Vietnam industry to a higher level.


Our vision is to cultivate a respect for the craft of Acting and Performance, as an art of human expression, communication and being emotionally present and connected in everyday moments.

A.C.T Academy aims to preserve the art of human emotional connections, to cultivate emotional intelligence, confidence and the ability to educate, empower, connect and empower the future generations of Vietnam..

our co-founder
Thanh Bui

Educator / International Artist / Entrepreneur / Advocate for the Arts

In 2012, Mr. Thanh Bui became the founder of the renowned Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy (SMPAA), an international-level education institution with a vision to build the next GLOCAL Citizens of Vietnam - individuals with Global mindset and Local values.

In 2016, Thanh founded Asia Music & Performing Arts Education (AMPA Education), an Australian based Charity registered by The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

In 2018, Thanh founded Embassy Education Group, an innovative education system from Pre-school – 12, with a curriculum that is fully arts and sports integrated based on The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program. And officially introducing Little Em’s Pre-school - the first pre-school in Vietnam to have signed an agreement to co-operate and apply the Reggio Emilia Approach ® method with Reggio Children, Italy.

With a strong passion for all art forms, Thanh is collaborating with Educator/Director/Actress, Ms. Kathy Uyen, to be co-founder of the A.C.T Academy, specializing in international level training for the various disciplines of film/tv, to develop the industry’s next prominent actors, actresses, directors, screen-writers …

Thanh is heavily focused on building infrastructure to support, nurture, develop, facilitate and amplify his vision for creative education and the arts for all children in Vietnam.

our co-founder & CEO
Kathy uyên

Kathy Uyen is a Vietnamese-American Film Director, Actress, Producer, Writer and Co-Founder & C.E.O of A.C.T Academy.

Born and raised in San Jose, California, graduating with a double major with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California, Irvine.

In Los Angeles, Kathy has worked in all aspects of entertainment from Casting, Film & TV Development & Research, Talent Agencies and Film Production at prestigious companies such as DreamWorks SKG, Warner Brothers and Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company. Kathy has studied with numerous Los Angeles Acting Coaches & Schools such as Lisa Robertson Studio, Lesly Kahn Studio, Groundlings, UCB, Howard Fine and Warner Loughlin Studios.  Kathy was featured in numerous films and television shows such as “How I Met Your Mother”(2007), “Asian Stories (Book 3)”(2005), “Supercapitalist”(2010) in Hong Kong and “Finishing The Game” (2007)directed by Justin Lin.

Kathy’s role in Victor Vu’s film “Passport to Love” (Chuyen Tinh Xa Xu)(2008) was Kathy’s first film in Vietnam. This film won her Golden Kite’s Best Supporting Actress in 2009. Her leading role in Charlie Nguyen’s film “Fool for Love” (De Mai Tinh) became a big box office hit in 2010 and became Kathy’s most memorable role to audiences. Soon after, Kathy became a triple threat as Co-Writer, Producer, and Actress in “How to Fight in Six Inch Heels” (Am Muu Giay Got Nhon ) which garnered her second Golden Kite Award for Best Leading Actress in 2013. Her additional film credits in Vietnam include “Bo Ba Rac Roi”(2015),“Em chua 18” (2017) and “Hon Papa Da Con Gai” (2018).

In 2019, Kathy premiere her debut as co- writer and Director of “Chi Chi Em Em” a psychological thriller starring Thanh Hang, Chipu, and Lanh Thanh produced by Muse Films & Timothy Linh Bui. It was the highest anticipated thriller film of the year and was voted 2nd Best Film of the Year by We Choice Awards 2019.

Between film projects, Kathy is the most sought out Acting coach for rising & celebrity film actors and actresses in Vietnam including Chipu, Diem My 9x, Kaity Nguyen,Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Lanh Thanh,  Le Xuan Tien, Hoang Oanh and many more.

Currently Kathy Uyen is the Co-Founder & CEO of A.C.T Academy, an Acting and Filmmaking Academy offering curriculum in Acting, Directing, TV/Hosting, Screenwriting, Producing and Public Speaking. Co-Founded together in 2020 with Thanh Bui, Musician, Business Entrepreneur & Founder of Soul Music & Performing Arts Academy. Kathy is passionate about sharing the technique of Acting as a way to empower confidence in not just actors, performers but everyday people of all ages, on camera, on stage and in life. She also serves as a Public Speaker, invited to be a Vietnam TEDx speaker, and Guest Judge of many film industry related events and festivals.

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